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Diagnosis of Early Non-clinical Type 1
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We are EDENT1FI We aim to identify early Type 1 Diabetes in children.

At EDENT1FI we want to assess 200,000 children across Europe and detect whether they have early stage Type 1 Diabetes and are at risk of developing symptomatic T1D. This involves screening children from the general population for biomarkers (auto-antibodies) associated with the condition. Our mission encompasses not only the early detection of T1D in children but also the provision of continuous support and education to families navigating this challenge. By equipping these families with essential knowledge and resources, our aim is to empower them to effectively manage T1D. Through our comprehensive efforts we aspire to positively impact the lives of affected families, fostering understanding and proactive care. As such, we are paving the way to arresting T1D.

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About Type 1

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition where the immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, leading to high blood sugar levels. It requires insulin management through injections or pumps for proper control. T1D typically begins in children and adolescents and affects approximately 9 million people worldwide, making it the most common metabolic disorder in children.

About Type 1 Diabetes